Existing Technology

By Tan Jay Sern

Speakers have taken many different forms ever since the invention of the horn in 1880. The standard speakers used today are the dynamic loudspeakers that uses the concept of magnetic field to produce sound. These dynamic loudspeakers has evolved tremendously since being invented in the 1920s. They include floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, in-wall speakers, on-wall speakers, in- ceiling speakers, portable-bluetooth speakers, and levitating speakers. In relation to the project, I have specifically researched on existing products with unique features and functions that reflect the current trend of listening to music. Taking into consideration invisible sound, some of these products are non-conventional products with the purpose of hiding the fact that they play music as well.

Funtionalitylevitatin speaker

1.  Levitating Speaker

  • Bluetooth speaker that rotates over a base.
  • Uses strong magnets to keep the speaker afloat.
  • Extremely portable and aesthetically pleasing.


2. Compact portable speaker (Libratone Zipp)libratone

  • Able to connect to Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • Soundspace linking, meaning ability to link up with a maximum of 16 speakers on a wireless network.
  • 360 sound projection.
  • Allows direct streaming of up to 5 radio stations through wifi.
  • Hand gesture detection. Hover hand over speaker to mute it.


3. Multiroom portable speaker (Kien Speakers)kien

  • Made of many small and portable Bluetooth speakers that can be placed all around your home.
  • Speakers will automatically start playing when phone is nearby meaning you don’t have to switch speakers when you enter a different room.

Room integration Speakers

1. In-wall/ceiling speakers (Sonance/Stealth Acoustics)invisible sound

  • Speakers that are installed directly in the dry walls which is then touched up and covered with paint.
  • Completely invisible.


2. Modular Speaker system (Soundhive)hive

  • Modular means that you can have a choice of using just 1 speaker or a whole wall of them.
  • Speakers can be extended and pivoted independently according to wall structure.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and is able to camouflage as a wall decoration.


3. JMC Soundboardjmc soundboard

  • A natural sound amplifier that blends well into any environment.
  • Speaker is placed behind this piece of wood which then disperses the sound throughout the room.
  • Uses the concept of wood contours to produce quality sound.


Speaker Integration (Multipurpose speakers)

1. In-Ceiling lighting and audio system (Klipsh Lightspeaker)lightspeaker

  • Speakers integrated into the lighting system that replaces the conventional ceiling lightbulb.
  • Uses a transmitter and remote control to control the lights and speakers
  • Connect your device to the transmitter using an AUX cable to play song.

2. Sound Garden                      sound garden






3. Wireless Music/Phone Speaker Showerhead
shower speaker





This research is also to study current trends in the evolution of speakers. It provides me a general insight on where SAMSUNG is able to fit in. I noticed a strong trend of shifting towards portable bluetooth speakers with multiple functionality to provide a greater hearing experience at home. SAMSUNG invisound definitely has strong potential in exploring this area as it eases speaker integration in everybody’s home.


  1. Sonance Invisible Sound
  2. Stealth Acoustics
  3. Om-one Levitating Speaker
  4. JMC Soundboard
  5. Klipsh Lightspeakers
  6. Libratone
  7. Garden Speaker
  8. Soundhive
  9. Showerhead Speaker
  10. Kien Speaker
  11. Sony Lightspeaker
  12. History of Speakers
  13. Types of Speakers
  14. Loudspeaker
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