Enhanced Listening Experience

I recently found a few interesting products that have not been launched in the market yet. As compared to the previous speaker precedents we have found, these products were unique as they do not just focus on producing high quality sound, but they sought to personalize the enhancement of the users listening experience. The products generally try to customize the sound to the user needs to give them the best possible listening experience.


The Ear.IQ basically aims to let the user hear smarter, as seen in its tagline. Users take a simple hearing test, and the app then uses a “correction algorithm” to adjust music based on those results. The final outcome is a song that is better suited to how the individual user hears. One idea would be to try assimilating similar technology into our speaker system to customize the sound to each user in partnership with the user directed sound technology. This would greatly enhance the user listening experience as it maximises the quality of the sound produced relative to the users tastes and preferences.


Doppler’s HERE Active Listening System also takes sound innovation straight to the source. The system pairs two wireless in-ear buds with an app listeners can use to control a live audio environment — whether it’s a sporting event, music festival or city bus. The system does not stream or play music directly, instead acting as a “studio in your ears” for whatever sounds are around. It allows the user to reduce the sound they do not want to hear for e.g. baby crying etc. Such technology could also be incorporated into our speaker system to amplify or reduce certain atmospheric/man-made sounds to specific users.


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