Personality and Space

Our team is moving towards incorporating personality into our invisible speakers and thus into the space. I went online and looked for articles regarding personal space and personality to better understand this.

Based on the article, people are able to judge another’s personality quite accurately purely based on their bedroom. There are two factors by which a person is able to “inhabit” and personalise a space.

  1. Identity Claims
    1. This refers to the decorations or symbols that the user chooses
    2. It may be the choice of colour of walls/ceiling in the room.
    3. There is both self-directed and other-directed, where some things are chosen simply because they like it while other objects are intentionally placed to portray a certain image to others.
  2. Behaviour Residue
    1. There are two types, external and internal residue.
    2. External residue refer to the objects that don’t naturally belong in the place but are still placed there because of the importance to the user.
    3. Internal residue refer to the way the person arranges items, perhaps due to importance or maybe a character trait that is guiding them to act this way.

According to the study , through one’s space, people are able to determine (or rate) the user on Extraversion, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience.

Other traits like Emotional Stability and Agreeableness were not exactly accurate.

I feel that we can use this study to better understand our users and where our product fits in their space and lives. We may be able to tap on little hints that will help to portray the user’s personality without explicitly designing it.




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