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First touch


As we plugged in the power, we couldn’t resist and put out our hands to feel the vibration.

The project is getting more and more real by the day!






Prototyping has officially begun!

We are currently working on testing the frequency response of speakers made up of different materials! Working with different types of fabric (velvet, felt, jersey, brushed cotton), foams (styrofoam, packed foam) and even bubble wrap, we are creating a catalogue of materials with their respective frequency response graphs!


Hypersonic Sound

From our talk with Prof Jer-Ming, he mentioned a cool technology that he couldn’t seem to name, but with the help of google, here it is, Hypersonic Sound!

This is basically the epitome of invisible sound, but since he introduced this in 2004, there has been companies that have picked up this ultrasound technology but have not been able to commercialise it. Makes you wonder how safe it really is!



IKEA Exploration

Since we were at Courts, we decided to hop over to IKEA to check out the showrooms and maybe grab some decorations to spice up our space at Capstone 4!

Look at our corner!!! We are also implementing a DISTRACTION JAR that will prevent us from getting distracted and also fund our snack habit.corner

Consumer Buying Experience

We went to COURTS on Saturday to check out the current products in the market.

Courts had isolated listening rooms (3 walls) with speakers scattered all over the place (for the surround sound effect). They would demo with action movies like Fast and Furious, Transformers, and other Michael Bay-like movies that had a large “boom”
for the customers to FEEL THE BASS. It was pretty impressive.

It was a great experience, particularly with YAMAHA as we realised that while their stuff doesn’t look that impressive, they had some pretty good stuff like a SOUNDBAR WITH FOURTY SIX DRIVERS!!!!

While it was eye-opening, we realised that there isn’t really a clear selling point of these speakers (besides quality and price), and hence we need to come up with some breakthrough idea that will shock the market!