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IKEA Exploration

Since we were at Courts, we decided to hop over to IKEA to check out the showrooms and maybe grab some decorations to spice up our space at Capstone 4!

Look at our corner!!! We are also implementing a DISTRACTION JAR that will prevent us from getting distracted and also fund our snack habit.corner


Consumer Buying Experience

We went to COURTS on Saturday to check out the current products in the market.

Courts had isolated listening rooms (3 walls) with speakers scattered all over the place (for the surround sound effect). They would demo with action movies like Fast and Furious, Transformers, and other Michael Bay-like movies that had a large “boom”
for the customers to FEEL THE BASS. It was pretty impressive.

It was a great experience, particularly with YAMAHA as we realised that while their stuff doesn’t look that impressive, they had some pretty good stuff like a SOUNDBAR WITH FOURTY SIX DRIVERS!!!!

While it was eye-opening, we realised that there isn’t really a clear selling point of these speakers (besides quality and price), and hence we need to come up with some breakthrough idea that will shock the market!


Recess week Meetup

We met up during the recess week to discuss how we can move forward with our project. We felt that we needed to find our user personas, therefore we came up with a list of possible people that we could interview. These people could personify our user persona (Zoey, Kumar, Adam, Dylan). We also came up with questions that we could ask them to decide whether these few people could fit the personas we came up with.

Next, Daniel proposed that we started prototyping. He suggested that us, EPD people assist him in designing the speakers for his UROP which we will be doing on Wednesday and Thursday. Besides that, Daniel introduced to us a software(WinISD) that lets you model the frequency response of different box designs.

PS: We did a personality test for fun. Do try it out when you are free!

You are walking through the jungle and you come across an animal.  1) What kind of animal is it?  You keep going, and you come across another animal.  2) What kind is it?  You see a lake.  3) How many swans are in the lake?  You come to a house and see 10 candles.  4) How many candles do you light?  You come across a waterfall.  5) How fast is it moving on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the fastest)?



Personality test solution:

1) This animal represents you.
2) This animal represents your partner.
3) This number represents how many good friends you have.
4) This number represents your generosity.
5) This number represents your sexual drive.

Thank you!