First touch


As we plugged in the power, we couldn’t resist and put out our hands to feel the vibration.

The project is getting more and more real by the day!





Mini Prototype Speakers

The speaker drivers have FINALLY arrived and experimenting will very begin very soon!

IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144

Now we just have to attach the circuit from Shariq’s old speakers before we begin our experiment!



Prototyping has officially begun!

We are currently working on testing the frequency response of speakers made up of different materials! Working with different types of fabric (velvet, felt, jersey, brushed cotton), foams (styrofoam, packed foam) and even bubble wrap, we are creating a catalogue of materials with their respective frequency response graphs!


Hypersonic Sound

From our talk with Prof Jer-Ming, he mentioned a cool technology that he couldn’t seem to name, but with the help of google, here it is, Hypersonic Sound!

This is basically the epitome of invisible sound, but since he introduced this in 2004, there has been companies that have picked up this ultrasound technology but have not been able to commercialise it. Makes you wonder how safe it really is!



Our first practical session

On Wednesday the 16th of March, the three of us EPD seniors went down to the IDC workspace to work with my UROP supervisor Dr Ulf Bissbort. Having worked with him on the Stealth speakers, I had gain a little bit of experience and found it really useful for the project. Our goal on that day was to understand the parts that went into the Stealth, and to correct certain flaws in the first iteration of the design.

We had identified a few problems with the current iteration

  1. A background hum on standby mode- likely attributed to noise in the ground loop. Proposed solution- Produce a transmitter and receiver circuit
  2. The second speaker does not turn on with the first from standby mode. Proposed solution- Change the XLR cable to a 5 pin one so that it can accommodate a power relay.
Soldering of amps and adhering them to the heat sink

The completed product
Receiver circuit

IKEA Exploration

Since we were at Courts, we decided to hop over to IKEA to check out the showrooms and maybe grab some decorations to spice up our space at Capstone 4!

Look at our corner!!! We are also implementing a DISTRACTION JAR that will prevent us from getting distracted and also fund our snack habit.corner

invisible sound